Redneck Boot Sandals


Texans Are The Biggest Buyers Of "Redneck Boot Sandals"

March 20, 2018 - 3:15 pm

It all started as a joke in 2012.  

Scotty Franklin was relaxing on a beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama when he noticed a man walking on the hot sand while wearing cowboy boots.  He looked down at the flip flops he was wearing, and the idea was born.  He told KENS 5, "I took an old pocket knife, an industrial stapler, a shoestring, a drill, and the first pair was born."  The first of many pairs as it turns out.

Today, Franklin's "Redneck Boot Sandals" is a full-time job, and he sells at least 20 pairs a week at $150 a pop.  

Though based in Missouri, wouldn't you know that Texas is Franklin's biggest purchaser of Redneck Boot Sandals.  It only makes sense, right?