Fewer People Seeking Asylum In West Texas

Alan Scaia
June 14, 2019 - 8:08 am
El Paso, Texas



DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - The number of people seeking asylum at ports of entry around El Paso has dropped by more than half.

The non-profit, Annunciation House, says one thousand people seeking asylum were released per day in April, but that number has dropped to less than 400 per day.

To handle the spike in asylum seekers, non-profits in North Texas started working together and accepted a busload of people last weekend. Fifty-seven people from 25 families stayed at Oak Lawn United Methodist Church for several days.

The group, Dallas Responds, is made up of churches, Faith Forward Dallas and the Thanksgiving Foundation. Dallas Responds worked with other organizations to to house and care for people until they could be connected with sponsor families.  The last of the asylum seekers left Wednesday.

Dallas Responds was expecting another bus Saturday, but now says Annunciation House has enough space in El Paso and cancelled. The busload of people who arrived last weekend was the first time churches in North Texas had accepted people seeking asylum.

The group says it is still communicating with non-profits and churches, saying it has "no visibility into what the needs will be in the future."