Forest Hill Police Offer New Details About Fired Officer's Actions

Steven Pickering
June 21, 2019 - 6:11 am
Police Lights

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Police in Forest Hill are offering more details about the actions of a now-fired officer during the search for a kidnapped girl last month.

Officers were dispatched to the Woodspring Suites hotel on East California Parkway after a guest told the clerk they had seen someone resembling the suspect in the kidnapping case with a little girl. When officers arrived, they went to the room of Michael Webb. He is now facing federal charges in that kidnapping case.

Sergeant Richardson Wolfe and another officer did not determine that they had enough probable cause to force their way into the room. They spent several minutes trying to get Webb to answer the door, then several more minutes trying to convince him to voluntarily let them into the room. Sergeant Wolfe was eventually given permission to enter the room while the other officer remained in the doorway.

According to the Forest Hill Police Department, Webb eventually opened the cabinet doors, restroom door and shower curtain. Sergeant Wolfe entered the room and was able to see into those areas - and also saw under the bed and opened the refrigerator. Since he had searched every place he believed the victim could be without finding her, he left with the other officer.

Sergeant Wolfe returned to the hotel a few hours later when police got a call about a vehicle in the parking lot that could be connected to the case. Police say Sergeant Wolfe originally stated he did not think the car was connected before officers from the Fort Worth Police Department arrived. Police say those officers examined the same evidence and then forced their way into Webb's room, where they discovered the missing girl.

The Forest Hill Police Chief has placed Sergeant Wolfe on indefinite suspension.