Former Texas Death Row Inmate Now "Actually Innocent"

Barbara Schwarz
May 04, 2019 - 11:47 am

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HOUSTON (1080 KRLD) - A former Texas death row inmate is now entitled to nearly $2 million. 

Alfred Brown was condemned for the 2003 murder a Houston police officer Charlie Clark, a crime he didn't commit. He was released four years ago and has now been declared "actually innocent." 

His attorney Neal Manne says that designation means Brown can be compensated under the Tim Cole act. "Money can never truly compensate someone for the loss of liberty. Mr. Brown spent more than 12 years in prison, almost 10 years of it on death row awaiting execution."

During trial, prosecutors argued that Brown had shot the officer while another man killed store clerk Alfredia Jones. Both men went to death row while a third got 30 years for testifying for the prosecution. 

Manne says "there were three perpetrators and they arrested three people. Two of them are in prison and one is not because they arrested Brown and he is innocent."

In 2013, phone records were discovered in an investigators garage that showed Brown was not at the scene of the crime. He had always maintained he was at his girlfriend's apartment. He was released from prison four years later.

The Houston Police Officers' Union is unhappy with the development. Union president Joe Gamaldi in a press release called Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg a "disgrace," Manne counters "I think people know District Attorney Ogg is a real hero, a champion for justice.  She is a District Attorney who is tough on crime and who prosecutes people vigorously, but who understands her job is to seek justice justice, and on just convictions. And here she came down on the side of justice."