Sarah Fowlkes


Former Texas Teacher Pleads Guilty To Having Improper Relationship With Student

October 15, 2018 - 10:13 am

LOCKHART (KRLD) - A Texas high school anatomy teacher pleaded guilty to having an improper relationship with a student after denying the allegations back in 2017. 

According to KVUE in Austin, a judge still has to accept the terms of 28-year-old Sarah Fowlkes' plea agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, she would be placed on deferred adjudication for four years, forfeit her teacher's license and pay a fine. 

The Lockhart Police Department said Fowlkes "engaged in sexual contact" with a 17-year-old male student in March of 2017. 

Fowlkes made national headlines when she smiled in her mugshot after being placed under arrest. At the time, her attorney Jason Nassour claimed she was smiling because she was innocent. 

"You've got a young lady who was arrested on the statement of a 17-year-old kid with no corroborating evidence," Nassour said after Fowlkes was released on bond. 

The judge on the case said he will take up to eight weeks to review the arranged deal.  

Nassour tells KVUE that they could withdraw Fowlkes' guilty plea if the judge doesn't accept the plea agreement.