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Fort Worth ISD Holds Roundtable Discussion With Parents

May 31, 2018 - 8:38 am

FORT WORTH (1080 KRLD) - Dozens of students and parents attended a roundtable discussion at Dunbar High School in Fort Worth to ask questions and give comments to the school board. Trustee Christene Moss organized the discussion.

"The goal is to listen to our community," Moss says. "We are working on transformation in the community, so we want to listen to our community to see what they think will improve our relationships."

Moss says the district has worked to reduce suspensions so kids are spending less time outside the classroom. Superintendent Kent Scribner says the district is also working with local employers to make sure kids graduate with a skill if they do not go to college.

"North Texas, thankfully, is growing and needs a talented workforce," he says. "We want to provide that."

Dunbar has a collegiate high school that can let students graduate with up to 42 college credit hours.

Scribner says parents may be concerned about turnover among staff at schools. He says Fort Worth has to move teachers and principals around because districts across North Texas are dealing with a shortage.

He says districts in North Texas need to hire about 7,000 teachers a year but only 3,000 graduate college and enter the workforce.

"Right of the bat, we're upside down 4,000 teachers in North Texas," Scribner says. "That's why we need to recruit."

Scribner says Fort Worth ISD has launched recruitment efforts in other states with lower salaries, including Oklahoma and Arizona.

The district now has five billboards in the Phoenix area, advertising a starting salary of $52,000.