Fort Worth Police, City Council To Meet On Anti-Immigration Messages

Alan Scaia
October 30, 2018 - 8:22 am
Downtown Fort Worth

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FORT WORTH (1080 KRLD) - Police will make a presentation to the city council Tuesday on anti-immigration messages posted in different areas of the city this month.​

Fort Worth Police will make a presentation at the council's work session.

On October 2, a banner reading, "Deport them all" was hung from an overpass over I-35W in South Fort Worth.

The following day, police say flyers were left at four different locations around downtown. Police say the flyers were printed with the phrases, "Reclaim America," "Better dead than red," and "Not stolen, conquered." They were found on a fire hydrant at Main and 1st Street, on a movie poster at the theater on East 3rd Street, on a newsstand at 501 Houston Street and on a lamp post across the street from the Central Library on West 3rd.

"We need to be proactive, we need to get ahead of this," says Eva Bonilla, who chairs the Fort Worth Race and Culture Task Force. "Silence is acceptance."

As part of the presentation Tuesday, police say they will work more closely with TxDOT to remove banners like the one placed on the overpass. Community members took the banner down before the city could act.

The Fort Worth city attorney says the banner and flyers fall short of "hate speech" because they do not advocate violence or mention a particular race by name. Instead, police say the messages would be misdemeanors for placing flyers on city or private property without permission. Police say someone would need TxDOT's permission to hang a banner from an overpass.