Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo Opens This Weekend

Alan Scaia
January 18, 2019 - 10:51 am
Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo

Credit: Alan Scaia, 1080 KRLD

FORT WORTH (1080 KRLD) - Cowboys and ranchers from across North America have arrived in North Texas for the annual Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. The Stock Show and Rodeo runs through February 9.

"It's fun. It's something I look forward to every year," says one man from Midland who will show horses. "It's just a chance to see all the people you haven't seen in a while. It's just an experience."

Last year, attendance for the entire event was 1,214,000. The stock show and rodeo set a record in 2016, with attendance reaching 1,257,900.

Another man showing horses says he comes from Nebraska each January.

"This is comparable to the National Western in Denver," he says. "This is more geared toward horses."

With a cold front expected tonight, followed by freezing temperatures, he says he has learned to prepare for all types of weather. He says he seems to need an overcoat and shorts at some point each year.

"Usually when we get here, it's warm and balmy. A lot of times, we have thunderstorms. Then when we leave, it's freezing rain or snow," he says. "It's a challenge, but it's fun coming to Fort Worth."

In its most recent report, the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo says visitors spent $65,425,000 and generated $1,772,646 in tax revenue for Fort Worth and $5,539,519 for the state.

While the stock show continues, construction has stopped on Montgomery Street. All lanes will stay open and work will resume in March.

Dickie's Arena is being built in the same area. The 14,000 seat arena should be completed in November and will host events for the 2020 stock show and rodeo.