Fraudsters Panhandle For Fake Funeral

Barbara Schwarz
March 14, 2019 - 5:44 pm

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DALLAS (KRLD) - Imagine panhandlers waving a photo of your dad, who died a year ago, claiming to raise money for his funeral.

That's exactly what happened in Houston.  Miguel Ramirez, Sr, a father of five and a grandfather of 14 was the victim of a hit and run in January of 2018.   Andy Kahan, director of victims services with Crimestoppers of Houston is outraged. "This is one of the most lowest forms of deplorable behavior I have witnessed in over 30 years of being involved in the criminal justice system. The fact that someone stoops so low to take one of our reward flyers."

Ramirez was buried by his family shortly after. The killer was never caught.   

Kahan says the police are aware and criminal charges can, and should be brought. "And I hope the message gets out loud and clear, that you cannot obtain money under false pretenses using Crimestoppers reward flyers."

Kahan says this isn't the first time these scammers have done something like this. The crime was discovered a few days ago.  He says since they've been outed "and they've been severely browbeaten, if they continue to do this, God help them."