Frisco Interested In Forming Tourism District

Steven Pickering
October 18, 2018 - 6:20 am

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FRISCO (1080 KRLD) - City officials in Frisco are considering the formation of a tourism public improvement district.

In forming a 'tourisim district,' hotels in that district would be allowed to charge a small extra fee on each room rented, with the money going into a fund used for marketing Frisco and bringing in more customers for the city's hotels and tourist attractions.

"Other large cities that have tourism as a main base have already implemented this type of district," said Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney at this week's City Council meeting. "They use these funds. It's added to the hotel bill and then it's used to promote other events and bring other things to Frisco that our visitors help pay for and our residents get to enjoy."

Creating a district will require permission from the state legislature. The City Council this week approved pursuing that option when the legislature meets in Austin in 2019. Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington and several other cities already have similar districts.