Frisco School Administrators Prevent Suicide on East Coast

Alan Scaia
February 15, 2019 - 7:44 am



FRISCO (KRLD 1080)- The administration at Ashley Elementary School in Frisco may have saved a student's life, even though the student lives 1,200 mile away.

Frisco ISD started using the "STOPit" app at the beginning of this school year. The app lets kids and parents report bullying anonymously.

In December, the administration at Ashley Elementary started getting messages through the app from a girl who said she was considering suicide.

"There was no doubt whatsoever that this one was a serious situation," says Laurie Ortel, a counselor at the school

No one recognized her name; they ran her name through a database and did not find her anywhere in the district. Ortel and the others exchanging messages with the girl asked where she was from. She said she went to a school in Waynesboro, Virginia, 1,200 miles away.

"It's very surreal, the urgency to help this child you don't know, but you know she needs help now," says Ashley Elementary School Principal Kim Frankson.

Administrators at Ashley called police in Waynesboro. An officer went to the girl's home and took her to the hospital.

"I'm just thankful she opened the door," says Officer Allison Willis. "I feel like I did my job. That's what I'm here to do."

The girl will be okay.

"I think we all just looked at each other and we could take a deep breath," says Assistant Principal Jess Johnson.

Frisco ISD says it cannot confirm why messages went to Ashley Elementary, not the girl's own school, but says the girl may have entered the wrong access code.​

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