Gambling Is Illegal And Also Everywhere In Texas

Barbara Schwarz
February 08, 2019 - 8:54 pm

DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - Eight liner joints dot the state. While some operate within the confines of the law, with payouts of five dollars or less, the majority are underground with big money possible. 

Texas state representative Richard Pena Raymond from Laredo has filed a bill that would allow Texas voters to hold local option elections. 

"I tried to come up with something I thought would make sense.  Something we've had on the books since the 1950's regarding liquor in the state of Texas, making a county wet or dry. I thought it was a good blueprint and better than what we have right now."

He compares gaming in Texas to prohibition. "You have to have law enforcement spend time, going undercover and then arresting them and closing them down. They are non-violent crimes. You hate to have to spend so much of law enforcement's time and resources on those kind of things."

He says some revenue from the municipalities that opt in would go to the state and some stay local, to beef up police department.

As how to hold these elections, he says you simply "get a certain number of people to sign a petition to call for an election.  He says this is something that happens quite often in Texas.  

There's a long road ahead of any legal gaming parlors, however.  First the bill would have to pass and next it would be placed on a statewide ballot.  Only if that passes, would local governments be able to hold elections.