Garland Apartment Complex Destroyed By 2015 Tornado Being Rebuilt

Chelsea Wade
July 17, 2019 - 7:58 am
Garland Apartment Complex Being Rebuilt

Credit: Chelsea Wade, 1080 KRLD


GARLAND (1080 KRLD) - Last week, it was mostly plywood and two by fours.  This week, there are shingles.  The landscape in south Garland is changing.  

139 units came down in 2015.  Now, nearly four years later, 139 units are going back up on the same piece of land where the Landmark at Lake Village East complex once stood.  A tornado on the day after Christmas leveled the apartments.  13 people were killed.  None of the fatalities happened in the apartments.  Most of the victims died in their cars on the Bush Turnpike.  Three of the fatalities happened in Collin County as the twister trekked north.

Jerry Nickerson was not on the Garland City Council at the time, but he had just moved to the area.  He said it was important to rebuild.  "If you drive by and all you see is a demolished area and concrete slabs, it can be disconcerting and has a psychological effect.  So new growth and new construction can be positive in that regard," said Councilman Nickerson.  "We are working really hard to reconstruct, regrow and start anew."

The new apartments do not cover the whole plot, leaving many people to wonder if the developers left room for the Bush Turnpike to eventually extend south.  "Honestly, I don't know when 190 will go that direction, but it's something we talked about," said Nickerson.  "We want more redevelopment of south Garland.  Our residents have been interested in what we can bring to that area.  I really think, because of I-30 and its proximity to Dallas, it's an excellent location for new families to move to and future commercial and retail growth."

When asked about possible competition from the development across the lake in Rowlett, Nickerson said it's not a bad thing.  "I see a lot of synergy there.  It has the potential to creative positive things for us.  I don't see it as a negative thing.  To me, it's really positive because growth will float all boats."

The company behind the construction tells KRLD News that the leasing office is expected to be completed in November.  The apartments should be ready for people to move in by March 2020. ​