Garland Police Warn About Phony Utility Workers

Steven Pickering
May 31, 2019 - 6:35 am
Garland Police

Garland Police


GARLAND (1080 KRLD) - Garland Police have gotten several calls in the past few weeks about people pretending to be City of Garland employees or utility company workers.

In each case, the person was able to persuade a home-owner to let them inside their home - supposedly to deal with a problem with the water or natural gas.

Police say the crooks used that opportunity to steal cash and jewelry. It appears the suspects are targeting elderly victims.

Police say a real City of Garland or utility company employee will be wearing a distinctive uniform and carrying identification. If they need to access a home, they will schedule that appointment in advance. Police do not have a good description of the suspects at this time.

They're urging people who may have questions about someone claiming to be a utility or city employee to call the proper agency for verification.