Garland Power Outage Could Linger Into Friday

Chris Sommer
October 08, 2018 - 5:53 pm
Power line Repair

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GARLAND (KRLD) - A power outage in southeast Garland could leave some customers without electricity until Friday.

Garland Power & Light says numerous power poles and the attached transmission and distribution lines were brought down by high winds Sunday afternoon.  GP&L crews and other contractors are working to rebuild that equipment. 

GP&L spokesperson Elizabeth Kimbrough said, "The guys are out there.  They've been out there since (Sunday), working around the clock.  And they're working to rebuild the lines.  They're gonna have to install 18 transmission poles and some of the distribution poles, and then go back through and get the cable back on the lines.  Then they can restore the power.

Kimbrough said about 400 Garland customers are affected by the outage, which covers an area on Wynn Joyce Road from Larkin Lane to Bluffview Drive.

GP&L has the following advice for affected customers:

--Use an ice chest to keep perishable foods and medication cold.  Monitor the temperature with a thermometer.

--A full, closed freezer will hold its temperature for about 48 hours.

--Unplug electronics to keep them from being damaged by a power surge when electric service is restored.

--During a power outage, water is still safe for drinking and washing.

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