Garland Sewer Overflows, Sending Sewage Toward Lake Ray Hubbard

Alan Scaia
March 20, 2019 - 7:39 am
Contanimated Water, Sewage

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GARLAND (1080 KRLD) - A sanitary sewer ruptured Tuesday in Garland, releasing untreated sewage into Spring Creek.

Garland officials say construction crews were digging near N Garland Avenue and Arapaho about 11:30 Tuesday morning when they damaged an 18 inch line.

A piece of concrete was lodged in the pipe, causing sewage to overflow. Garland says the break was releasing 20 gallons of untreated sewage each minute.

The city says it notified the Cities of Dallas and Rowlett that sewage would be flowing downstream toward Lake Ray Hubbard. Garland says it has also contacted the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.​ Garland says crews were able to remove the concrete around 9:30 last night, stopping the overflow.

The city's health department is monitoring water quality. Garland is urging people who may have come into contact with waste material in soil or water to bathe and wash their clothes as quickly as possible.

Garland says an emergency response contractor has now bypassed the broken pipe and repairs started Wednesday morning. ​