Gov. Greg Abbott


Gov. Abbott Targeting Paid Sick Leave Mandates, Regulations On Business

February 13, 2019 - 9:43 am

By Chris Fox, KRLD Austin Bureau Chief

AUSTIN (1080 KRLD) - Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Tuesday delivered remarks at the National Federation Of Independent Business' (NFIB) Texas Small Business Day Conference in Austin.

Gov. Abbott announced the filing of the Consistent Employment Regulations Act today during his speech at NFIB's annual Small Business Day at the Capitol.

The legislation is sponsored by Sen. Brandon Creighton in the Senate and Rep. Craig Goldman in the House. It would bar cities and counties from establishing regulations dealing with employment benefits…like mandatory paid sick leave imposed by local governments. “It should be an option chosen by the business based upon their strategy of what they want to do, as opposed to a government mandate,” said Abbott. “

Abbott says it’s this patchwork of regulations that drives up the cost of doing business and for some it will drive them out of business. “It’s particularly hard if you are living in a state with 254 counties where each county may have their own regulatory regime or one of a thousand different cities across the state may have their regulatory regime.”

The Governor also discussed his priorities for the legislative session, including property tax and school finance reform, and expressed his commitment to creating an even stronger economic environment in the state of Texas.

“This session, we have a unique opportunity to make the Texas economy better than ever before,” said Abbott. “We will do this by reining in skyrocketing property taxes, reforming a broken school finance system, and cutting burdensome red tape that stifles Texas entrepreneurs. By tackling these challenges, we will create an even stronger economic environment for small businesses to succeed, and we will chart a course towards a brighter future for Texas.”