Graphic Video Shows Deep Ellum Woman Beating Beaten By Her Boyfriend

Austin York
April 19, 2018 - 2:11 pm
Deep Ellum Assault

Deep Ellum Community Watch


DALLAS (KRLD) - A graphic video has emerged from Deep Ellum showing a woman being beaten viciously by her boyfriend.

The video was posted late Wednesday night and shows a man, identified as Jarod Broussard and a woman in a fight. The woman is standing outside of Broussard's sports car and throws her shoe at the vehicle. 

When the shoe hits the car's side, Broussard, who appears to be a bodybuilder, ran at the woman and tries to kick, her but falls. When he gets back up, he strikes her square in the face, causing her to immediately fall. 

He then drags her head on the ground before releasing her.

A Deep Ellum resident took the video and posted it on a community watch page on Facebook. Within minutes, the post received hundreds of comments, identifying Broussard as the man in the video.

Dallas police received the video and issued a warrant for Assault Family Violence, Strangulation a 3rd degree felony. 

Broussard is a former bouncer at Theory nightclub in Uptown Dallas. After the video surfaced, Theory management posted a message on Facebook saying they have a zero-tolerance policy for issues involving violence and the employee is no longer associated with their club.

Paige Flink with the Family Place says, unfortunately, women who are abused often think it's their fault.

"You get sucked into a vortex sometimes that you think you can't get out of. Some women think it will stop if he's happier, if we have better sex, if I love him more. Most of the time it doesn't stop," she says.

Flink hopes the victim gets help.

"I hope she knows that he committed the crime. You can't provoke someone to hit you. Screaming and yelling is one thing, but responding like that, that's another."

Broussard turned himself into authorities. Bond has been set at $15,000.​