Habitat For Humanity Building House In Sundance Square

Andrew Greenstein
March 26, 2019 - 3:24 pm

Andrew Greenstein


FORT WORTH (1080 KRLD) - A house is being built in the middle of Sundance Square in Fort Worth — but it will not stay there.

The house is being built by volunteers for Trinity Habitat for Humanity.

CEO Gage Yager says the house will eventually go onto a lot in Hillside Morningside.

“We'll build it here through the end of the week and move it out on Monday,” says Yager.

This is the tenth year in a row that Habitat for Hunanity is building a house in downtown Fort Worth.

The latest one is a three-bedroom, two-bath, one-car garage house; about 1100 square feet.

It’s being built for Jeanessa Leadley, who says the house means the world to her.

“It's been too long years,” says Leadley. “I can look over now at Sundance square and say, ‘This is my home here.’”

Leadley has two sons, ages 10 and 8.

The house will be a godsend for them too.

“They're actually going to get to have their own room, which means a lot right now,” says Leadley. “We're in one bedroom at my dad's house, and there's three of us in that one room.

“For them to have their own room and understand that their mom has worked hard to get to where we're at, it's going to make a big difference,” Leadley says.

Habitat is not merely giving Leadley the house — it is selling her the house at market value but will not charge her interest on the mortgage.

Leadley is also helping build the house.

“They invest sweat equity, as we call it,” says Yager. “250 hours building the home and going to some training classes.

“Giveaway typically doesn't work well from long-term sustainability perspective,” Yager continues, “but partnership and investment and work — tried and true, and it works.”

While volunteers are building the exterior of the house, licensed contractors will do the work inside the house, including electrical and plumbing.