Highway Interchange In Denton Shut Down After Series Of Crashes

Alan Scaia
January 02, 2019 - 11:42 am

Alan Scaia


DENTON (KRLD) - A series of crashes on an overpass in Denton shut down the highway for several hours Wednesday morning. Denton police closed the Loop 288 overpass over Interstate 35 after five crashes after 8 a.m.

"One of those was coded as an injury crash, the others had no injuries," says Officer Brian Cose.

Police kept the overpass closed until TxDOT could come and treat the area.

At a gas station nearby, some people filling up said they saw police cars blocking the ramp, but they still had to travel.

"It's pretty wet, but I haven't had a problem with ice or anything," said one man who said he was heading home to Oklahoma City. "We're going to take 35 and go back home. That's the one road we take."

The overpass reopened several hours later.

Police also reported icy conditions on bridges and overpasses south of Denton, in Argyle.