Horse Roams The Aisles Of Texas Petsmart Store

Tasha Stevens
August 27, 2018 - 1:30 pm

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The rule at Petsmart stores is as long as animals are on a leash and are not aggressive, they are welcome inside the store.

That is why the Richmond, Texas Petsmart often has a horse roaming the aisles.

In a viral Reddit photo, a full-grown horse can be seen with a young man believed to be his owner. Employees say the pair vist the store often as part of daily walks...using the store to cool off.

Pretty Boy the horse is a friendly boy and enjoys time in the AC.

Employees posted a photo to Instagram saying "It’s not usual to see a horse at a pet store but for us it’s a casual thing! This guy, Pretty Boy, visits us quite often and we welcome him with cool air and fresh water!”