Houston Poll Worker Accused of Accosting Voter

Barbara Schwarz
November 06, 2018 - 4:09 pm
Voting Machine

AP Photo/David Goldman, File


HOUSTON (KRLD) - Like millions of us, Rolanda Anthony of Houston went to her polling station to cast a vote this morning. She was told she had to fill out a residency form due to an issue with her address in the system. At that point, she says poll worker Juanita Barnes began to yell. The election judge told Barnes to calm down, but Barnes continued. Anthony, who is black, says Barnes told her "perhaps if I'd worn by blackface makeup today, you would comprehend what I'm trying to tell you."

She says Barnes continued to scream at her. The election judge told her to move and Anthony was able to vote. But Anthony says Barnes wasn't finished.

"By this time, Juanita said 'you know that I'm white. Have you not seen the news? They'll arrest you or do something to you. Do you not know that I'm white?'"

Anthony went outside to call the police. She said Barnes then pushed her and told her she was loitering and threatened to call the police.

Anthony says she went back into the polling station and Barnes began screaming "the loiterer is back, the loiterer is back."

Deputies issued Barnes a class C misdemeanor assault citation. She was also dismissed from her duties at the polling station and escorted off the premises.