Crystal Ladawn Finley

Credit: Southlake DPS

Identity Theft Suspect Captured, Then Released

April 30, 2018 - 10:43 am

SOUTHLAKE (1080 KRLD) - The woman arrested on identity theft charges out of Southlake is back on the loose!

After 3.1 million reads, 38,000 reactions, 28,000 shares, and 5,300 comments, identity theft suspect Crystal Ladawn Finley was finally located and arrested!

Identity theft suspect Crystal Ladawn Finley was captured by Plano Police a week after the Southlake DPS twitter account send out a series of funny messages calling out the career criminal. 

According to reports, Finley was a suspect in a number of crimes, all by identity theft. She allegedly opened a number of accounts around the Metroplex using others information. 

Following the social media storm, Finley was spotted by Plano Police walking out of an abandoned apartment. She immediately told them “I don’t know what you been reading on Facebook but that ain’t me" according to Southlake DPS. 

Plano confirmed her outstanding warrants and transported her to Collin County Jail.

However, she didn't stay in custody for long.

Plano Officer David Tilley says Finley complained of medical issues related to her pregnancy while in the Collin County Jail.

Reports say police took her to a hospital in McKinney, where she refused treatment. Since the Collin County Jail would not accept her without a doctor's note and because the Plano Jail does not have an infirmary, and because Finley is a non-violent offender, jail staff released her and reinstated the warrants.

Crystal Ladawn Finley
Credit: Southlake DPS