Irving Officer Rescues Kitten From A Car

Kelli Wiese
May 31, 2019 - 4:13 pm

Irving Police Department Twitter


IRVING (1080 KRLD) - Irving Officer Matt Morisak says he was called to an accident scene and in front of the scene a car had pulled over.

A woman walked over and told Officer Morisak there was a kitten in her engine compartment. The woman says she saw the kitten run across the road and jump up in her car so she stopped. Officer Morisak saw the kitten.

He couldn't get it. He asked the lady if he could climb onto the car. She said yes. Morisak says, "I was able to reach down and grab his paw as he tried to scratch me. He wasn't happy I was there. I grabbed him and was able to pull him out."

It turns out Officer Morisak used to be a mechanic and he used to pulling out all kinds of things from engines. Morisak didn't know he was being videod. He says he is an animal lover and would rescue an animal anyday.

The kitten has a new name: Chevy.