Irving Parking Garage Remains Closed After Multiple Collapses

Austin York
August 01, 2018 - 4:19 pm
Las Colinas Parking Garage

Image via Bonnie Flores


IRVING (KRLD) - Following not one, but two collapses, an Irving parking garage remains closed. 

The first collapse occurred Tuesday around 11:30. The second just before 5 that afternoon. 

Assistant Irving Fire Chief Jay Taylor says the parking garage's owners have taken control of the structure.

"They have it completely barricaded and 24 hour security. They do have structural engineers on site and they will determine a game plan going forward as to what kind of abatement, reconstruction or deconstruction needs to take place on this structure," he says.  

Taylor says at this point their is no timeline as to when they will re-open the garage for owners to get their vehicles, and expects it may take days. 

North Texas civil engineer Benjamin Thompson says a well built structure will give signs well in advance that it is giving way. 

"Concrete structures are meant to be ductile. This means as they are failing, you want it to spend as much time failing as possible. If you start to see structural beams bowing, that's a good indication for you to get out of there,' Thompson says.

Officials say volatile soil and dry conditions could have been contributing factors to the collapse.