KRLD App Of The Day: Cleaner Pro

David Rancken
October 17, 2018 - 7:24 am
cleaner app



Our App today is called Cleaner Pro. 

It’s a problem, especially when you get a new phone and you have to transfer your contacts to it.  Your phone’s contact list can more than double in size, because those contact names and phone numbers can get duplicated more than once. 

This app can find those duplicates and merge them into just one contact.  It can also find the contacts in your address book that are similar to others.  Maybe there’s an extra space in a name. The app will merge those into one contact. 

If you want, it will also remove contacts that don’t have any names attached to them, just a number.  Or just a name and no number. 

For an extra charge, you can also backup your contacts to an external place. Cleaner Pro is a free app on iTunes.  It has in app purchases.