Late Winter El Nino Could Bring Snow To North Texas

Chris Sommer
December 13, 2018 - 4:23 pm

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DALLAS (KRLD) - NOAA's Climate Prediction Center is upping the chances for an El Nino to form this winter. Agency forecasters raised the possibility of the influential weather pattern forming in the Pacific to 91%, up from earlier odds of 80%.

Scientists say the anticipated El Nino has yet to arrive, but Bloomberg News Weather and Climate Reporter Brian K. Sullivan said the chances are very good it will develop by February. Sullivan said, "For the Texas area, it means it's going to be colder, wetter, and potentially, snowier. If you remember back a few years, when Dallas had some of its heaviest snows, that was also during an El Nino year. So, it's possible the back end of this winter could be cold and snowy, or, at least rainy."

NOAA scientists say there is a 60-percent chance the next El Nino could linger into the spring months. Sullivan said, "The effects in the United States kinda taper off after winter, into the spring. The major benefit of an El Nino, if it were to continue into next summer, would be that it probably would dampen down the Atlantic hurricane season. So, while you might get a little rain and snow this winter, you might benefit by not having as many hurricanes next year."

And should the expected El Nino hang on into the spring, North Texas likely would enjoy a wetter-than-average season.