Lawyer Demands End To Force Feeding Threat For Striking Asylum Seekers

Barbara Schwarz
July 31, 2019 - 6:27 am
U.S. Border Patrol

Scott Eisen/GettyImages


DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - An El Paso Immigration attorney wants Immigration and Custom Enforcement to not force feed her clients.

The three men from India are on a hunger strike.  Linda Corchado says they feel Indian political asylum cases aren't seen as strong before judges, they don't believe they have a chance and this is a matter of free speech.  They have been in custody for nearly a year.  They were recently moved from Otero, New Mexico and are now being held at the El Paso processing center.  She says "I believe the benchmark for ICE is once a detained asylum seeker misses 30 meals, they escalate the case so that hunger strikers can receive better medical care.  The way that's translated in my world is I need to watch out for court order for forced hydration and forced feeding.  El Paso has the facilities to make that happen."

She says "hunger striking is a form of free speech, and that's what makes forced hydration and forced feeding more cruel and inhumane because it's happening at the hands of the people who are denying them liberty."

Corchado says the men are being subjected to forced hydration, which means they are getting IV's.  She says this week one of the men told medical staff "my vein is hurting really badly, my arm is in a lot of pain.  Can you please not do this to me today.  They escalated the matter.  A sergeant came in and I believe six people held him down and administered the IV fluids forcefully."

In a letter to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the ACLU of Texas calls force feeding a cruel process that goes against medical norms and ethics and violates free speech rights.  They say ICE should move the protestors to an outside medical facility.

An email to Immigration and Customs Enforcement was not answered