Galite Hyams

Dallas Woman Reunited With Lost Lizard After He Went Looking For Love

July 11, 2018 - 5:43 pm

By: Blake Holland 

DALLAS (KRLD) - A Dallas woman is reunited with her pet lizard after he escaped from her screened-in patio.

Galite Hyams says her large bearded dragon lizard, named Pancake, is now a neighborhood celebrity after he went missing not once but twice.

Hyams says they've had the lizard most of the summer and allowed him to live on their screened-in porch. She says Pancake is apparently going through puberty and one day went looking for love.

She says after posting about her missing lizard, she received a tremendous response from those living in the area. About four days after he went missing, a neighbor spotted Pancake in a nearby park. She called Hyams and told her she and several others had surrounded the lizard and would wait for Hyams to arrive.

After a happy reunion, Hyams put Pancake back in the same screened-in porch, which he managed to escape from for the second time. The reptile was only missing for about a day before being found once again.

Hyams says Pancake is now receiving invites to neighborhood parties and folks are even requesting to stop by and visit with him. She says she's astounded by the human kindness she discovered all because of her lost lizard looking for love.