Millenials Choosing Vacation Destinations Based On 'Instagramability'

Susy Solis
January 28, 2019 - 10:53 am
Roman Forum, Italy

Credit: J.Burkett Photo


A recent study says millenials are choosing their vacation destinations based on their "instagramability." Now one Italian city is offering a very unique experience for it's instagram loving visitors. 

Italy is known for being romantic, but now a tour company in Rome is taking things to the next level.

The Roma Experience is offering an "instagram boyfriend" for hire, but it's not quite what you'd think.

The "boyfriend" is actually a professional photogapher who will follow you around and take fabulous pictures of you for Instagram, so no more worrying about asking someone on the street to take your picture and hoping it turns out okay.

The cost for this Instagram Boyfriend? only 350 euros, which is about $400 U.S.

 But the cost for great pics for the 'gram? Priceless.