Mom Abandons Kids At Cell Phone Store

Barbara Schwarz
October 25, 2018 - 4:09 pm

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HOUSTON (KRLD) - Police are looking for a woman who left her two and four-year-old sons at a Boost mobile phone store in Houston. 

According to reports, the woman told the manager she was kicked out of her apartment recently and the three had been living on the streets. She then asked him if she wanted the children, and left. Tejal Patel with Family and Protective Services says they looked for a relative and "an aunt came forward and they're home with her right now. The boys perfectly fine. They were healthy and clean and showed no signs of abuse or neglect."

It will be up to the Harris County District Attorney's office whether to charge the woman with Abandonment of a Child.  

Patel cautions anyone who feels they can't take care of their children to call a relative, a clinic or CPS first