More Texas Voters Taking Advantage Of Early Voting

Alan Scaia
October 29, 2018 - 7:31 am
Voting Booth

Credit: Jessica J. Trevino/Detroit Free Press via USA TODAY NETWORK


DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - More voters in Texas cast ballots during the first six days of early voting this year than during the entire early voting period in 2014.

The Texas Secretary of State says 22.95% of voters in the state's 30 biggest counties had voted through Saturday. During the entire early voting period four years ago, turnout was 19.1%.

In North Texas, Collin County has the highest turnout so far, at 29.72%.

Turnout in Dallas County was 23.02% through Saturday. Through the entire early voting period in 2014, turnout was 17.88%.

In Tarrant County, turnout is 23.22% so far this year, compared to 21.26% for the entire early voting period in 2014.

Across Texas, 2,812,852 people had voted through Saturday. Early voting continues through Friday; election day is November 6.