Neighborhoods Along Highway 380 Asking For Changes

Alan Scaia
November 28, 2018 - 12:26 pm
Highway Traffic

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DENTON (1080 KRLD) - People who live in towns along Highway 380 in Collin and Denton Counties have started an online petition asking for changes to make the highway safer.

Earlier this month, two people died in a crash on 380. Last weekend, several others were injured in a crash police say was the result of drag racing.

Parts of the highway between Denton and McKinney have a 70 mile an hour speed limit.

Jessica Dunn, who lives in Savannah and started the petition, says the area is growing too quickly for a speed limit that high.

"It's turning into anarchy, essentially," she says. "People are now getting dashcams, and they've sent us clips of their near-misses where people have almost hit them. It really is one of the most fearful things. People are saying they fear for their lives or their loved ones' lives when they pull onto 380."

Dunn and several others have been speaking at city council meetings in the area. They attended the Aubrey City Council meeting Tuesday night. 

"They were very receptive," she says. "Their police do patrol and respond to accidents. They know and they acknowledge the increase in these accidents. They've said it is a huge problem, and it's bigger than them, but they want to sit at the table and point us in the right direction."

The petition asks for a lower speed limit, frontage roads to let people leave neighborhoods more easily and more traffic lights. Dunn says kids have to cross the highway to reach schools, but 380 does not have safe crosswalks or sidewalks.

"Middle school and high school aged kids are darting across four lanes of traffic with just a flashing crosswalk light," she says. "They're putting their lives in their hands every single time they run across."

TxDOT says it is planning an expansion of 380 with safety enhancements, but any changes are several years away.