New Study Shows Income Levels In Dallas County

Steven Pickering
April 11, 2018 - 6:20 am

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DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - A new study by two non-profit groups maps which neighborhoods in Dallas County have higher income levels - and which groups have more economic opportunity.

Researchers at Communities Foundation of Texas and the Center for Public Policy Priorities looked at data between 1999 and 2015 and found that the average family income level in Dallas County is dropping faster than the state-wide average.

For the entire state of Texas, median household income dropped about 2 % during that period. "Dallas County saw a 16 percent decrease in the median household income," Dr. Frances Deviney with  the Center for Public Policy Priorities  "That's really concerning."

The report also showed some big disparities between different neighborhoods and different groups within Dallas County. "The highest incomes are clustered in the north part, inside the 635 loop, with much lower income in other areas," Dr. Deviney said. "Asian and white families in Dallas were making significantly more than Hispanic and black households."

Those gaps, the researchers say, can have a big impact on the economic opportunity for families in some neighborhoods. "The concept of economic opportunity is: do we have in place the policies that ensure that all people have an equal chance to be healthy, well-educated and financially secure? We're talking about...can you pay your bills, can you see the doctor, can you save for retirement? All of those are things that we think about at our kitchen tables every night," Dr. Deviney said.

Researchers hope the group will provide useful data for government agencies and non-profit groups as elected officials decide how to allocate resources in the future. "We also believe this report is critically important for businesses...and for anyone who really cares about how we build economic wealth and economic security in the community," Dr. Deviney said.

The groups have posted a copy of their report on their web sites.