4-Year-Old Girl Needs A Texas-Sized Miracle

Kelli Wiese
April 20, 2018 - 4:14 pm
Danica Stockwell

Cassie Stockwell


HOUSTON (KRLD) - More than a thousand people on Facebook are praying for a little girl to receive a miracle. The page is called Danica's Army

Four-year-old Danica Stockwell from North Dakota is in Houston at Texas Children's Hospital. Doctors are examining her to see if she's able to receive a double lung transplant.

Cassie Stockwell is Danica's mother. She says, "If you didn't see the oxygen and the feeding tube, you would absolutely not know she was a sick little girl. She has such a great personality." 

Texas doctors are performing tests on her to see if she can be placed on a lung transplant waiting list. Cassie says, "Her doctor will present her case to a medical review board. That panel of physicians will go through everything and ultimately make the decision if a transplant is the right thing for her."