6-Year-Old Giving Rather Than Receiving For Birthday

Susy Solis
February 21, 2020 - 9:27 am

DALLAS (KRLD) - Six-year-old Blaise knows exactly what his favorite animal is...a squirrel. 

Why? Because, in his words, they're "cute" and he got a kick out of them after he made a bird feeder with his aunt and he saw a squirrel hanging upside down on the feeder. 

So it's no surprise that Blaise chose Texas Metro Wildlife Rehabilitators as his charity of choice for his 6th birthday. You see, every year Blaise's mom has her kids choose a charity and instead of gifts, invitees are asked to donate supplies to charity of their choice. Twenty kindergartners took Blaise's suggestion and bought supplies off of the Texas Metro Wildlife Rehabilitators supply wish list. 

The folks at Texas Metro Wildlife Rehabilitators were so tickled with Blaise's donation, they invited him to a squirrel conservation class and presented him with a plaque for his generosity. 

"We don't need any more toys in our house," said Blaise's mom Jaklin, laughing. "But this is also a teaching moment for us as parents to see outside of ourselves and see who could use some help." 

We're proud to call Blaise and his mom Jaklin this week's KRLD Difference Makers.