A Former Personal Assistant Is Going To Prison For Stealing

Barbara Schwarz
December 11, 2019 - 8:04 pm

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DALLAS (KRLD) - Amy Anglin is going to prison for three years for helping herself to 249 thousand dollars from a  now 95-year-old, blind man.  She pleaded guilty in federal court in Houston on  Sept. 25.

She began working for the Houston real estate developer in 2015 when he was 91 and his eyesight was failing. 

Prosecutors say Anglin took advantage of her victim's poor health by having him sign checks he believed were legitimate expenses, only to deposit the funds in her personal bank account. 

In addition to using her access to the victim's banking accounts and business credit cards, Anglin wired herself large amounts of money and used Western Union to transfer his money to her friends and acquaintances to pay for vacations in Las Vegas and resorts in Hawaii.  

Anglin also used the stolen money to pay for country club memberships, golf lessons, overdue child support payments and major home improvements, including a hot tub.   

She's been ordered to pay full restitution