Abbott Delivers State Of The State Address In Downtown Dallas

Andrew Greenstein
December 12, 2019 - 3:47 pm
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Andrew Greenstein


DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - “The State of Texas continues to be the most exceptional state in the United States of America.”

Those were the words of Gov. Abbott as he delivered his State of the State address at the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Dallas.

“The Texas economy is stronger than it's ever been,” Abbott told a packed ballroom. “We enjoy an all-time record low unemployment rate of 3.4%”

Abbott said Texas is a leading job-creator in the country.

“Over the past 12 months, the state of Texas has added about 300,000 new jobs.”

And Abbott put all those numbers in perspective.

“The Texas economy is far larger than the economy of Canada. It's even larger than the economies of places like Australia and even Russia. And that makes me more powerful than Putin,” Abbott said to laughter from those in attendance.

Abbott said Texas leads the country in economic development.

“There's an award that goes to the state that ranks number one in America for economic development. That award is called the Governor's Cup,” says Abbott. “I'm proud to tell you that Texas has won the Governor's Cup every single year that I have been governor of Texas.”

Abbott said Texas not only leads the country in job creation and economic development, but it also leads the way in technology.

“There are two things that are rapidly changing the world around us. One is cyberspace, and the other is artificial intelligence,” Abbott says. “You need to know that Texas is ground zero for these two game-changing and life-changing and world-altering technologies.”

Abbott also touted the accomplishments of this year’s biennial legislative session, especially in terms of his number-one priority — property tax reform.

“To make housing more affordable, one thing that we did this past session is we reformed property taxes in Texas,” says Abbott. “We did it in a way to ensure that people were no longer going to be taxed out of their homes.

“The way the law works now is school districts cannot increase property tax revenue in their district by more than 2.5%,” Abbott said. “These reforms immediately cut ‘Robin Hood’ recapture statewide by about 50%.”

Abbott also touted the academic achievement of students across the state.

“We have more Texas students graduating from both high school and college than ever before,” says Abbott. “And the high school graduation rate is ranked in the top five in America.”

Abbott also touched upon one of the biggest issues facing law enforcement in Texas.

“This last session, I signed more than 20 laws that crackdown on human trafficking in Texas,” Abbott said. “These laws do more to punish traffickers, but also do more to help the victims of human trafficking.”