Admitted Killer Testifies She Was Hired To Help Murder Dentist

L.P. Phillips
June 04, 2019 - 4:49 pm
Brenda delgado



DALLAS (KRLD) - An admitted murderer said Brenda Delgado hired her to kill Dallas Dentist Doctor Kendra Hatcher in the garage of her Uptown Dallas apartment complex, September 2, 2015. 

Crystal Cortes testified under terms of a plea agreement that requires her to tell the truth. In exchange, prosecutors dropped a capital murder charge that could have sent Cortes to death row. Instead, Cortes was allowed to plead guilty to a murder charge and receive a 35-year sentence.

Cortes was the driver of a Jeep Cherokee that was used to drive Kristopher Love to the apartment complex where Hatcher lived. Love has already been convicted of shooting Hatcher for cash and drugs. He is awaiting execution.

Dressed in a green and grey jail outfit, Cortes was asked if she was guilty of the September 2015 murder of Kendra Hatcher. She replied with a simple “yes.” She then went on to say Delgado was also guilty.

Cortes said the assassination was well planned, with surveillance on Hatcher taking place over a two week period. The Jeep was borrowed under false pretenses. Jeep owner Jose “Joe” Ortiz said he loaned the Jeep to Delgado because her car needed repair. He was surprised she, in turned, loaned the Jeep to Cortes. He was stunned to learn the Jeep had been used in the murder. Ortiz went to police, disclosing the names of Delgado and Cortes.

Cortes said she was paid a total $500.00 for the two weeks worth of work, an amount less than a worker with a minimum wage job. She said she “did it out of loyalty.”

During a tense, three-hour cross-examination, defense attorney George Milner repeatedly tried to get Cortes to admit to lying. Cortes said she told lies to police at first, but later came clean when it was clear investigators had put her at the murder scene.

The case could go to the jury by the week’s end.