AT&T Brings 5G Features to AT&T Stadium

Steven Pickering
September 05, 2019 - 5:15 pm

DALLAS (KRLD ) - Dallas Cowboys fans will be able to enjoy some new augmented reality and video features at AT&T Stadium this season. AT&T is offering customized content at four locations within the stadium on its 5G high-speed wireless network.

"We want to create an incredible fan experience for everyone. We're going to be using 5G 3D augmented reality to bring entirely new things to life," said AT&T Chief Marketing Officer Mo Katibeh.

The company will set up four areas inside the stadium where people can use 5G devices provided by AT&T to sample that content. "Fans will only need to walk up to the four experiences that we have out their to take advantage of them, some of them use Samsung phones that our ambassadors are going to have handy," Katibeh said.

The features will include the "Hall of Heroes", allowing fans to do their own touchdown dance next to Amari Cooper and other Cowboys players. The "Pose with the Pros" feature will let fans shoot videos with virtual Cowboys players and share the result on social media. 

AT&T anticipates features like those available at the stadium will become more common as it expands its 5G coverage. "This is just the beginning," Katibeh said. "Think about these experiences tied to your favorite concert. 5G also has the power to transform businesses and how they provide services to their customers."