Mark Anthony Conditt

Austin Police Chief Calls Bomber 'Domestic Terrorist'

March 29, 2018 - 3:17 pm

AUSTIN (KRLD) - For the first time Thursday, Austin police chief Brian Manley called the man suspected of bombings throughout the city a "domestic terrorist."

Manley had previously hesitated to label the bombings as domestic terrorism, citing the ongoing investigation. However, at a meeting today on the police and community response to the bombings, Manley labeled the accused bomber a "domestic terrorist for what he did to us."

The man accused in the bombings, Mark Conditt, left behind a 25-minute confession in a video found on his cell phone after he blew himself up as officers were closing in on his car. 

"I wish I were sorry, but I am not," Conditt said on the recording and said he feels like he’s been disturbed since childhood.

The blasts killed two people and injured several others.