Court: Ohio Bridal Shop Can't Sue Dallas Presbyterian Hospital Over Ebola Outbreak

L.P. Phillips
February 21, 2020 - 2:01 pm
Hospital Laboratory



DALLAS (KRLD) - The Supreme Court of Texas today ruled an Ohio bridal shop that went out of business because of the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Dallas cannot sue the owners of Dallas Presbyterian Hospital.

Presbyterian Dallas nurse Amber Vinson was a customer of the Coming Attractions bridal shop of Akron OH after she had helped treat Ebola Patient Thomas Duncan. She had not yet been diagnosed with the virus.

After Vinson had been diagnosed, state regulators in Ohio temporarily closed the shop as a precaution. Coming Attractions later reopened, but never was able to recover. The owner "sued the hospital, alleging that the hospital failed to prevent transmission of the Ebola virus to the nurse through proper precautions and training, and that the hospital’s negligence caused the shop to close due to health concerns and adverse publicity." according to court papers.

A trial judge refused to dismiss the complaint against Texas Health Resources, but an appeals court reversed that ruling "Coming Attractions is a "claimant" under the statute, and that its claim against the hospital is a health care liability claim as the statute defines it. Because Coming Attractions did not file the required expert report, the court of appeals dismissed the lawsuit.

The Supreme Court upheld that ruling.