Carter Blood Care Announces "Heal for Real" Effort on World Blood Donor Day

Kristin Weisell
June 14, 2019 - 11:32 am
Blood Donation

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DALLAS (KRLD) - Carter Blood Care and e-sports organization Team Liquid are working to motivate the next generation of blood donors.

On World Blood Donor Day, Carter Blood Care announced their partnership with Team Liquid in their "Heal for Real" effort, which is trying to reach gamers aged 20 to 35 to donate blood.

"In the gaming world, there are healers who help other members of their team when they get injured," says Linda Goelzer with Carter Blood Care. "So we're trying to tell young gamers to join the real world battle, donate blood, and save lives."

Younger blood donors are highly sought after, to add to and replace the donor population as they age.

"We appreciate anyone of any age who regularly gives blood," says Goelzer​. "But the older any of us get, it's more likely we may need a transfusion ourselves. Some people take medication, others have a heart attack and can no longer donate. The aging donor population needs support."

Every 90 seconds, someone in the North, Central, or East Texas area needs a blood transfusion. One whole pint of blood can save three or more lives. ​However, the donor population has declined rapidly. Every day, people are needed to donate blood and save lives.

As part of the "Heal for Real" effort, young people are encouraged to make an appointment to give blood at a Carter Blood Care center. Custom, limited edition “Team Liquid Turns Red” t-shirts will be offered to every donor.

If you're unable to donate, volunteering with Carter Blood Care, organizing your own blood drive, or simply spreading the word is also very appreciated.