Central Texas Girl Helping Military Dogs Overseas

Kelli Wiese
March 19, 2018 - 5:29 pm
Kaydence Roberts

Wendy Sledd


COPPERAS COVE (KRLD) - 10-year-old Kaydence Roberts loves animals and she's on a mission.

"My platform is helping animals," Roberts says.

In honor of her father and grandparents who both served in the military, Roberts was inspired to help the dogs that are currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Roberts set up a donation campaign outside a Walmart in Cooperas Cove and money and supplies started flying in. 

She now has $1,000 dollars in donations and a bunch of shopping carts filled with food, toys and more. 

Roberts says they are dropping these items off for the military to send over, and her mother and father couldn't be more proud.

"My dad says awesome and every day he gives me a high five," Roberts says.

So what's the advice she'd give to others looking to do something good in the world?

"Get out there in the community and make a difference at whatever age," she says.