Check Scam Targets Folks In Southlake

Andrew Greenstein
July 11, 2019 - 3:27 pm
Southlake DPS

Southlake DPS


SOUTHLAKE (1080 KRLD) - Some Southlake residents are receiving what appears to be a real live check in the mail for almost $2,000.

"There is no exaggeration that when I walked in my office, I thought I was getting paid for something," says Southlake DPS Ofc. Brad Uptmore.

The check has the logo of US Bank in the upper left-hand corner made out in the amount of $1,967.23, complete with a routing number and account number at the bottom.

But it comes with a note detailing what to do with that check.

"They tell you the amount of money that they're going to pay you, and then they want you to go cash your check, and then they want you to go buy eBay gift cards, scratch off the little scratch-off on the back, and then to text (them) pictures of the numbers on the card," says Uptmore. "This letter is very urgent, and they want you to complete all of these tasks that they've asked you to do in less than 48 hours."

Those instructions led people to correctly believe that it's a scam.

So far, no one has fallen for it, but the scammers likely know that very few will.

"They probably mailed out a thousand of these, hoping to just get one," Uptmore says.

Finding the scammers would be very difficult, if not impossible.

"Some of these come from out of the country," says Uptmore. "They basically just print out these letters and just dump them at a mailbox.

The bottom line -- if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

"There's no such thing as a free lunch," Uptmore says. "No one is going to pay you to do nothing."