Grass Fire In McKinney


Close To Two Acres Catch Fire At Erwin Park in McKinney

March 20, 2018 - 3:32 pm

MCKINNEY (KRLD) - The City of McKinney Fire Department is currently investigating a brush fire that took place at Erwin Park, Tuesday. 

This after several calls came in about almost two acres catching fire at 4300 Country Road 1006. 

Visitors at the park were evacuated and no injuries were reported. Additional fire trucks were used in order to contain and ultimately extinguish the fire.

The McKinney Fire Department urges citizens to be careful about smoking during the current low humidity.

“With high winds and low humidity, our area is facing a near critical fire threat,” said Mike Smith, McKinney Fire Marshal. “Don’t toss lit cigarettes and avoid any outside burning right now.”