COVID-19 Hospitalizations Down Slightly in Texas

Alan Scaia
July 14, 2020 - 7:28 am

    For the first time in more than a month, hospitals in Texas are reporting a drop in COVID-19 patients.

    Monday, the Texas Department of Health and Human Services reported 10,405 patients, down from 10,410 patients Sunday.

    "One day does not make a trend," says Governor Greg Abbott. "However, today is the first day in more than a month in which the State of Texas has fewer hospitalizations than the day before. That would match up timing-wise when we imposed the mask request, when we shut down bars."

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    Hospitals in North Texas 1,867 COVID-19 patients Monday, down from 1,895 Sunday. However, hospitals also reported 102 fewer available beds and nine fewer open ICU beds.

    Abbott says he will continue consulting with doctors about the best steps to contain the spread of the virus. He says every state that loosened restrictions then saw an increase in cases.

    "We constantly look at different restrictions we could impose that would have a cause and effect relationship of reducing the spread of the coronavirus," Abbott says. "But let me ask you a rhetorical question: If there were a lockdown, who would enforce it? Right now, people are frustrated. People would not comply with a shutdown."

    Abbott says local governments that would enforce additional restrictions should instead focus on enforcing current limits.

    "We need to have them enforcing the mask requirement and size and occupancy limitations we have right now. If local officials will do that, we will assuredly slow the spread," he says.

    Texas Health and Human Services reported a record 16.85% of tests coming back positive Monday, an increase from 16.33% the day before. Abbott has said any rate above 10% would be a "red flag." The positivity rate has stayed above 10% since June 23.