Crews Battling Wildfires In Texas Panhandle

Cameron Fairchild
March 19, 2018 - 3:02 pm
Grass Fire

Oleg Yermolov |


AMARILLO (KRLD) - Hundreds of acres have been consumed by wildfires in the Texas Panhandle. As flames crept closer to several hospitals and nursing homes, the medical district in Amarillo prepared to evacuate patients.

Kellie Sanders-Shipman lives a little over a mile and a half from where firefighters battled to contain the flames.

"I was fixing to go to bed, and I was in the bedroom, and I smelled smoke. And so that made me concerned. And right after I smelled that, I went to the living room and told my husband. And then the news reports started to come in."

The fire in Amarillo is reported contained, and no patients required evacuation. Fire officials say the blaze was started by a power line downed by high winds. 

Meanwhile, wildfires in the Panhandle towns of Channing and Valle De Oro have destroyed several buildings. 

So far no injuries are reported in any of the fires.

The Amarillo area has been without measurable rainfall for over 100 days.