Crime-Fighting "I Watch Dallas"App Growing In Popularity

Chris Sommer
February 18, 2020 - 2:24 pm
Dallas Police Car

NBC 5 News


DALLAS (KRLD) - The message is "see something, say something." Thanks to the reinvented "I Watch Dallas" app, more local residents are equipping themselves with the ability to do just that.

The creator of the app, Steven Elliott, told KRLD News the app is a safe way for citizens to report suspected criminal activity in the community.  It allows residents to share photos, video and screenshots of social media posts directly with the Dallas Police Department.  Those who report a suspected crime are allowed to remain anonymous.

The "I Watch Dallas" app dates back to 2009, but Elliott said it has been updated several times, including a complete rebuild with the cooperation of Dallas Police last fall.

Elliott said the app can be very effective in helping local police crackdown on the issue of illegal street racing, which has grown into a major problem in Dallas.  The KRLD News Team went in-depth on the street racing issue.  You can listen to that special report in the "Podcasts" section here on

Elliott talked with KRLD's Chris Sommer about the features and advantages of the "I Watch Dallas" app. Listen below.