Criminals Allegedly Use COVID-19 To Steal From Garland Woman

Baylee Friday
July 08, 2020 - 4:32 pm

    Garland police are searching for several scammers they say robbed a woman after convincing her there was COVID-19 in her water. 

    Police say the suspects told the woman her water was contaminated with COVID-19 and they needed to come inside her house to inspect it. Once they were in, police say they went through the woman’s belongings and stole some of her jewelry. 

    Police are reminding folks not to let anyone inside your home unless they have a scheduled visit. Also, they recommend checking to see if the employee is wearing a uniform, driving a company vehicle or has a badge. 
    Garland police are still searching for the suspects responsible for the “bad water” trick. They say if you have any information, give them a call.